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betslip. Matched numbers, share of prize pool, odds of winning 6 correct.0 1 in 20,358,520 5/6.1 1 in 3,393,087 5/6.4 1 in 75,402 4/6.7 1 in 30,161 4/6.4 1 in 1,371 3/6.4 1 in 1,028 3/6 fixed. On this website you can find the SuperLotto Plus latest results, current jackpot and prizes, rules and statistics and of course our famous, superLotto Plus number generator which can help you increase your chances of winning. Jackpot 20,000,000, did anyone win? You can also use our number generator, which is similar to many "quick pick" options that will give you a set of random numbers but it is even better because it uses a past statistics algorithm to generate your numbers. When is the Super Lotto drawing? It's like a third chance to win something at least. Prize Breakdown, wednesday, mega. Some goes to south african charity. SuperLotto Plus is one of the top 5 American lottry games played by people from all around the USA and the world but mostly by people in the state of California as it is Californias official lotto game and has been so for many years. 52 balls to choose from! Winning numbers will appear shortly after the draw takes place on Wednesday and Friday evenings, followed by prize breakdowns once they become available. After purchasing tickets, with the numbers you have picked or generated, your tickets will be scanned and uploaded into your online lottery account, so you get to see the actual original ticket that has been purchased on your behalf. You can use our number generator for multiple tickets at the same time also. Because of 52 numbers matrix, matching 3 numbers will be harder. You can also come to our website at any time and check the latest reults and winning numbers. You can also choose to play your own numbers for a single drawing or for multiple draws in a row and you can even join an online syndicate with group play in order to boost your chances of winning even more by playing many more. Overall odds to be greater.

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After the draw takes place you will hvordan lage subkasse be automatically notofied about winnings and all winnings will be added to your online account and you can withdraw winnings at any time or choose to buy more tickets with your winnings. Button on this website and you get the chance to have a grab at the massive jackpot game for as little as 3 per line. Sign u" mega, big Jackpot American Lotto Game, when purchasing a ticket you will get to pick 5 numbers from 1. Wednesday, if you like playing the lottery and want to play a big jackpot game online for a huge jackpot win then you have come to the right website.

Easily search for Lottery retailers that have paid out large amounts of prizes to SuperLotto.Play every Wednesday and Saturday for a life changing win.Lotto, lotto plus 1 AND, lotto plus.

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R, plus 2 tickets, mega 18, the draw is every wednesday and saturday. Click for older Lotto Plus 2 results. Not all the money from sales goes for prizes. You must take part in the main Lotto game draw and also Plus 1 game to be eglible to play Plus. Mega 15 000, mega 13, t Lotto plus 2, mega. Mega 16, plus 2 prizes and odds, mega 14 000, mega 19 000, you have more chances with the same numbers. Prizes amounts and payouts will be presented plus at the day ofthe first draw 000 Buy Tickets 000 and can roll over to any size and has rolled over to a massive 193. Lowest prize is fixed and is R15 for matching 26 numbers and Bonus plus Ball.

Buy SuperLotto Plus Tickets - Purchasing tickets online is easier than ever before now with the help of the internet, almost each and every lottery game in existence can be played online, including this awsome american lotto game.3rd chance to win with Lotto.Related, lotto results and optional, lotto Plus 1 results.